April 2022 India Update

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God has greatly blessed our work in India. We were able to accelerate recordings by 1400% from our first recording in 2020 to 14 by the end of 2021. We are projecting an additional 185% increase in recordings for 2022, with a target of 34 additional recordings.
We will continue to meet with Bible translation agencies to collaborate on text permissions and engagement opportunities to reach more oral learners throughout India.

Graph of progress since 2020
Women of India

Asha and her sister Roopa enjoyed recording the bible in their native language, Kulvi.


My name is Asha, I belong to the Kulvi Language community. I have been praying for a long time for an audio Bible to be made available in our language. I thank God that he answered my prayers.

God helped me and my sister Roopa to record the Bible in our language. An audio Bible is very beneficial for our language, many people in our village are illiterate, they cannot read the Bible, but listening to the audio will be a blessing for them. Nowadays everyone has a mobile, everyone is interested in listening, people can listen even while working. This audio Bible in Kulvi language will prove to be helpful in changing lives of many people.


Davar audio bibles are made available on the YouVersion Bible App, where they accompany written translations. Listeners can listen in their own language for free and without advertising. This partnership allows us to extend our reach quickly and efficiently. We anticipate significant growth in listenership throughout 2022 as new audio bibles are added and awareness of the audio availability increases. The chart to the right shows the top five most-listened-to Indian languages on YouVersion.

Top Indian Languages

Top 5 most popular languages

21 Published Recordings List
21 Planned Recordings for 2022
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“Audio bibles can be a blessing for anyone, especially those who are illiterate, in their old age or who are visually impaired. With such a wide reach, the blessing is also significant. I pray that God will enable everyone who has contributed time and effort to make this possible.”

-Pastor Shiju P Chacko
IRV Malayalam Audio Bible Narrator

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