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Audio Bible Distribution in Malawi

The full Bible for oral learners worldwide.

This is our highest recording priority. We look forward to every opportunity to record God’s redemptive story in our studios from start to finish. Our audio library includes 85+ completed recordings and we have plans to grow this to almost 200 by 2022.

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Impact Stories

Testimonies of Impact

“Thanks to abibilia itorunit naredio (The Bible through radio) radio program in Turkana County in the north rift region of Kenya! Every Tuesday evening is time for a unique Bible study platform through radio. Now bible study groups are being formed. Bible pessimists are becoming Bible apologists and the Bible message is being spread. Worth noting is that people are enthusiastically voting for deserving winners of a gift of the audio Bible! It is indeed an interactive, selfless Bible study through radio. Thanks to Davar Partners!”

 -Enos, Trans World Radio

“In India, it been a fantastic journey of spiritual hope and joy to several language communities deprived for generations without access to God’s Word, especially for those who are illiterate, elderly, and underprivileged, can now freely hear the life-giving Word, whenever they want, wherever they want and as long as they want. Thanks to Davar for making this possible!”

Dr. B., India

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The Word of God does not return empty. It accomplishes his purpose. Your investment with Davar Partners helps transform lives. When you have a break from your busy day, take ten minutes to see the impact we’re making together and learn of our 2021 vision.

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