Dogri Audio Bible Has Proven to be an Effective Tool to Reach Illiterate in Northern India 

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A Sensitive Region with Great Need for the Gospel

The Dogri language is spoken by approximately 2.3 million people in the Jammu and Kashmir region of northern India, a region where Islam is the primary religion and only .3% are Christian. We completed the Dogri New Testament in 2021, thanks to the generous support and efforts of many. We visited with a local partner who has been using and distributing the Dogri audio Bible and he shared why he believes the audio is making such an impact. 


map where Dogri spoken
Audio Bible Recording Studio

Rural Areas Are Primarily Illiterate & Without the Latest Technology

Our partner shared that 65% of the population in the rural areas is illiterate and many do not have smartphones or regular internet acess, which is why the audio Bible solar players have been so impactful. 

“God helped us to translate the New Testament into Dogri two years ago. It was helpful for those who are literate but we were praying for something which would be useful for those who cannot read or write. For them, an audio Bible is more effective as they can listen to it and they can increase their faith.

We are so much thankful to all the people who contributed to make the audio Bible available to us. We recently began to use it in our community. When I first switched on the device I saw in their face that this is the first time they are hearing it. Through it we found there began a breakthrough in the community. I can say that more people are comfortable to have small gatherings in their own language and it is more effective for teaching.”

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