Kenyan Radio Station Broadcasts Davar’s Turkana Audio Bible

Blind Turkana Man

Davar completed the Turkana audio Bible in 2018 to provide the opportunity for many to hear God’s Word, possibly for the first time, while also helping oral learners learn how to read. We are thrilled to share that the Turkana radio program, Abibilia itorunit naredio or the Bible through Radio, has been broadcasting segments of the Turkana audio Bible for its listeners—starting with the Gospel of Matthew. 

The radio station’s broadcast reaches approximately 500,000 people through its daily programming, many of whom are either semi-literate or illiterate. The Turkana region has a literacy rate rate of only 18%. The radio program targets only Turkana speaking people with the aim of evangelizing them with the Bible message.

The Bible through Radio encourages weekly listener engagement by giving away a free Turkana audio Bible every week. After broadcasting a segment of the audio Bible, listeners are welcomed to call in live or send text messages to share testimonies on the impact of the Word of God. This 30-minute, listener-driven program has given away four free audio Bibles within the first few weeks —one to a blind man in a remote region of Turkana County.

It is our prayer that this particular program will reach 200,000+ people every month. Please pray with us that God will bless the Turkana radio program as they broadcast the Turkana audio Bible to continue to bring transformation to all those who hear it. 

A Few of the Audio Bible Winners

Audio Bible Winner Witchdoctor

Mr. Edung Ngabonoo, a witchdoctor from Kapua, started listening to the radio program and called in to learn more about Jesus’ teachings. He requested listeners to allow the program presenter to give him the gift of the audio Bible so he could learn God’s Word. We pray God’s Word would transform his life.

Audio Bible Winner Grandma

A 70-year-old grandmother had her daughter call in and help her win the free audio Bible. She is grateful to be the winner as it will help her understand God’s Word now that churches are closed because of Covid-19.

Audio Bible Winner Mason

Mr. Mola Sila is an illiterate mason from Canan. Sila said he appreciates the efforts of the donors and Maata Radio for giving him the opportunity to hear God’s Word. We pray this audio Bible would allow him to learn to read and write as he listens to the Turkana audio Bible.

Text Messages From Those Listening


“I am John, from Kangagetei, thank you for this program I know it can change the lives of many in Turkana.”

“We are blessed so much through this program. It rouses all people young and old. Even youth like me who are normally not serious with God’s Word, we are now faithful listeners.”

“I am Eleman, I would like us today to gift that witchdoctor with an audio Bible. It’s not easy for a witchdoctor to listen to the Word of God and if he is asking for one it might change his life.”

“Turkana audio Bible has made me to have faith and believe in God that God IS powerful I TRUST IN HIM.”

“I am Wardy Sonica, I come from the Prison area. I am ok, just listening to the Turkana audio Bible. I continue being blessed and laughing and so happy.”

“Eey, that man who was born again on live radio has died. May his soul rest in peace. It is even good this program prepared him for Heaven. May you continue to do God’s Work.”

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