100 New Audio Recordings by 2022

2021 Audio Bible Production List

The Full Bible for Oral Learners Worldwide.

The full Bible for oral learners worldwide—that is our highest recording priority. We look forward to every opportunity to record God’s redemptive story in our studios from start to finish. Inline with our priority, we also record Old and New Testaments to complete partially-recorded bibles for waiting people groups.

By 2022 we aim to record 100 audio recordings so that billions of oral learners can experience the full Word of God. Below is a list of the recordings we anticipate completing in 2021. 

2021 Projected Audio Recordings

FB – Full Bible • OT – Old Testmant • NT – New Testament

UrduFB5 MillionIndiaLearn more
TeluguFB94 MillionIndiaLearn More
HindiFB690 MillionIndiaLearn more
GujarathiFB61 MillionIndiaLearn more
MarathiFB95.5 MillionIndiaLearn more
MalayalamFB36 MillionIndiaContact Us
BengaliFB265.5 MillionIndia/BangladeshLearn more
AssameseFB15.5 MillionIndiaLearn more
BhilaspuriNT300,000IndiaLearn more
GaddiNT185,000IndiaLearn more
BhadrawahiNT120,000IndiaLearn more
DogriNT6 MillionIndiaLearn more
BengaliFB265.5 MillionIndiaLearn more
India/NepalLearn more
GowliNT35,000IndiaLearn more
KayortNT100,000India/NepalLearn more
AhiraniNT1.86 MillionIndiaLearn more
SorivaliNT1.1 MillionIndiaLearn more
Varhadi-NagpuriNT7 MillionIndiaLearn more
LahauliNT11,000IndiaLearn more
GamitNT284,000IndiaLearn more
Garasia-AdivasiNT100,000IndiaLearn more
BhattiyaliNT150,000IndiaLearn more
ChurahiNT61,000IndiaLearn more
LadakhiNT105,000IndiaLearn more
DhankiNT139,000IndiaLearn more
GarhwaliNT2.3 MillionIndiaLearn more
SirmauriNT31,000IndiaLearn more
kholi-WadiyaraNT404,000IndiaLearn more
DotyaliNT70,000NepalContact Us
Tharu-RanaNT1.74 MillionNepalContact Us
TshilubaOT7.1 MillionDRCLearn more
KikongoOT11.5 MillionDRCLearn more
KitubaOT5 MillionDRCLearn more
BangalaOT3.5 MillionDRCLearn more
LingalaFB2.5 MillionDRCLearn more
AlurOT800,000DRC/UgandaLearn more
KakwaOT250,000UgandaContact Us
KumamOT300,000UgandaContact Us
DhopadholaOT500,000UgandaContact Us
AcholiOT1.6 MillionUgandaContact Us
KinandiOT1.5 MillionDRC/UgandaContact Us
ShillukOT5,000South SudanLearn more
BariOT600,000South SudanLearn more
MabaanFB/OT100,000South SudanLearn more
AfarFB2.5 MillionEthiopiaContact Us
RundiOT11.3 MillionBurundiContact Us
SukumaOT8.2 MillionTanzaniaContact Us
CigogoOT1.1 MillionTanzaniaContact Us
DatogaOT200,000TanzaniaContact Us
IraqwOT700,000TanzaniaLearn more
EkegusiiOT2.8 MillionKenyaContact Us
Taita\DavidaOT350,000KenyaLearn more
PokotOT800,000KenyaContact Us
KimeruOT1.7 MillionKenyaContact Us
JulaOT8.5 MillionIvory CoastContact Us
KoyraboroOT860,000MaliContact Us
NupeOT1.75 MillionNigeriaContact Us
IdomaOT800,000NigeriaContact Us
Twi AsanteFB3.8 MillionGhanaContact Us
Twi AkuapemFB630,000GhanaContact Us
BaliOT4 MillionIndonesiaContact Us
SimalungunOT1.25 MillionIndonesiaContact Us
MentawaiOT600,000IndonesiaContact Us

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