September 2020 Davar Monthly Update

A Note from the CEO

When I was in grade school, my parents took my sister and I on a road trip across the southwestern United States. One of our stopping points was Carlsbad Caverns, a national park located in New Mexico, which offered an extensive maze of underground caves. During the tour, the Park Ranger turned off all the lights to allow us to experience the complete and utter darkness of the cave. In that moment, I sensed a deep fear of being totally lost, not knowing how I would find my way out of those dark caverns.

In the world today, there are billions of men, women and children who are oral learners who remain in spiritual darkness, void of access to the gospel message and the life-changing truths contained in God’s Bible. I am reminded of Psalm 119:105, “Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.” Therefore, Davar Partners is committed to creating opportunities for oral learners to fully experience the Bible in their home language. We believe that with access to the recorded Word of God, families, tribes, and nations will live transformed for God’s glory. Please join with us in prayer and financial support as we move forward with this kingdom work. To God be all the glory.


Mark Perkins, CEO

Audio Production Update



Man listening to Audio Bible

Davar Hausa Audio Bibles Distributed in Nigeria

In partnership with Youth With A Mission (YWAM), over 300 Davar Hausa audio bibles were distributed to tribes in Nigeria. This was the first time many had the opportunity to experience the fullness of scripture in a language they could understand. One man was sitting under a tree listening to the solar-powered Hausa Bible when he began to weep. “I cried! Tears flowing out of my eyes like a toddler…” he said, as he listened to God’s Word.



Man listening to Audio Bible

Help the Quechea Speakers of Peru Hear God’s Word

The Quechea believe in a spiritual realm, and have an understanding of prayer and making sacrifices to appease spirits. Stories tend to be passed down orally. A true understanding of the gospel is virtually unknown and since the Quechua language was not formerly written, many Quechea people have limited education and low literacy.

Prayers & Praises

Pray for life transformation as audio bibles are deployed and God’s Word is heard by oral learners throughout the world.

Pray for the continued health of our narration and production teams.

Pray for the Lord’s continued guidance for our recording studio partners and narrators as they press forward to complete recordings.

Pray for new partnerships with those who will deploy audio bibles through distribution and engagement initiatives.

Pray for wisdom for our leaders as we discern when to restart international travel.

Praise God for new licensing agreements to record up to 38 bibles in cooperation with the Bible Society of the Democratic Republic of Congo and up to 9 languages in cooperation with the Bible Society of South-Sudan.

Give thanks for the generosity of those who are investing to provide oral people with Davar audio recordings.

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