The Americas

Regional Overview



Davar first began recording in South America in 2021 for the Quechua people of Peru. They make up 12 million people who speak 46 different languages and live in small villages spread among the mountains of inland Peru. In 2022, Davar will begin audio bibles for Mexico and Suriname with Guatemala to follow in 2023. Discussions are underway to reach other countries in this region in need of audio bibles so that we can partner to reach the blind, illiterate and oral preference learners of The Americas.

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Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Suriname

Davar Audio Bibles
A group of friends in Peru

Recording & Engagement Partners

Bible ministry partners, Local Bible Societies, and translation organizations

A photo of a beautiful landscape in Peru

Distribution Methods

YouVersion,, Davar’s website, Digital Bible Library, Digital Bible Society, Kivah, local churches and ministry groups, and Megavoice

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Languages to be Recorded and Population Reach