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The Word of God for Dogri Speakers

There are 2.3 million Dogri speakers worldwide1, with the vast majority in the Jammu and Kashmir region of northern India. It is the only region in India where Islam is the primary religion. The state population identifies as 68.3% Islamic, 28.4% Hindu, 1.9% Sikh, 0.9% Buddhist, and only 0.3% Christian.

Jammu and Kashmir—one region, two names. It speaks to the challenging reality for the local people, as the mountainous land has long been the subject of dispute between India, Pakistan, and China. Even the Dogri people are divided into castes, like Hindus in other parts of India but with local variations.

With a literacy rate of 69% in this region, an audio Bible will be an essential tool to sharing the unchanging Word of God with this turbulent region.


Recording & Engagement Partners

Bridge Connectivity Solutions (India-based translations)

Distribution Methods

Local churches, YouVersion/, Davar website, Megavoice, Digital Bible Library,

Investment Overview

We are in need of full funding to record the New Testament for the Dogri people. This project will provide these remote oral learners with God’s word in their home language, allowing them to learn about the God who created them and live transformed lives.

Investment Needed:


Potential Reach:

2.3 Million People