Middle East

Regional Overview



Davar has recorded audio bibles for the people of Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan and plans to record three more audio bibles in the Middle East in 2022. Violence and persecution in the area have prevented Christians from being able to gather in traditional church settings. Additionally, a lack of formal education for women has led to illiteracy. Having an audio bible available through their smartphone allows the Word of God to reach the people of the Middle East.

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Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan

Map of the Middle East
Indian man listening to his headphones

Recording & Engagement Partners

Bible ministry partners, Local Bible Societies, and translation organizations

Landscape photo of the Indonesian countryside

Distribution Methods

YouVersion, bible.is, Davar’s website, Digital Bible Library, Digital Bible Society, Kivah, local churches and ministry groups, and Megavoice

Chart showing the cost of creating audio bibles

Languages to be Recorded and Population Reach