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The Word of God for Taita Speakers

Taita (Dawida or Davida) is a Bantu language spoken in the hills of Kenya. There are over 385,000 Taita speakers worldwide, 93% of which live in Kenya and the remainder in Tanzania. Many migrated through Tanzania before settling throughout Kenya. Once settled, the Taita clans interacted with other tribes: the Taveta, Pare of Tanzania and the Maasai, forming what is now the Taita people group. The Taita language is one of six languages spoken in the southern coastal region of Kenya.

Today, the influence of Western values has drastically changed the face of their belief system. Over 80% of the Taita people claim Christianity, while only 38% are evangelical. Others practice Islam or Kenyan traditional religions. With a literacy rate of 1-5% in this region, an audio Bible will be an essential tool to learning the Word of God and experiencing his transforming love.

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Taita People Recording and Engagement

Recording & Engagement Partners

Bible Society of Kenya, Trans World Radio

Taita Kenya Landscape

Distribution Methods

Local churches, YouVersion / Bible.com, Davar Website, Digital Bible Library, Bible.is

Investment Overview

We are in need of full funding to record the Old Testament for the Taita people. This project will provide these oral learners with God’s Word in their home language, allowing them to learn about the God who created them and live transformed lives.

Investment Needed:


Potential Reach:

385,000 People