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1 in 3 people cannot read their own language.

520 translations are without a full audio Bible.

There are 5.7 billion oral learners worldwide.

Recipients of Davar Audio Bibles

The Great Need for Audio Bibles

We believe all people should know the God of the Bible who made them and that his truths are not bound to the reader or ink on paper. That’s why we strive to create opportunities for oral learners to experience the Bible in their home language.


Millions of people have received the scriptures, yet may be unable to fully experience God’s Word. Explore opportunities to partner with us to record audio bibles for those who might not otherwise hear.

According to Globalization Partners International, Africa is home to one-third of the world’s languages with more than 2,000 distinct languages spoken on the continent consisting of 54 countries. Considering the rates of poverty and illiteracy, having audio bibles is crucial to reaching the people of Africa. Davar has recorded more audio bibles in Africa than any other place, with over 100 recordings in 22 countries. With recording studios in seven different African countries, Davar intends to record 34 additional audio bibles in 2022.


There are 1.3 billion people in India and hundreds of languages spoken among the people groups of India including 22 nationally recognized languages. Davar began recording in India in the fall of 2020 and has completed more than 25 recordings with more than 30 planned for 2022.

Indonesia has the greatest concentration of Muslims in the world, yet it is the most listened to audio that Davar has published to YouVersion. Davar continues to partner with the local Bible society to record more audio bibles for those waiting to hear God’s Word in their home language.



Davar has recorded audio bibles for the people of Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan and plans to record three more audio bibles in the Middle East in 2022. Violence and persecution in the area have prevented Christians from being able to gather in traditional church settings. Additionally, a lack of formal education for women has led to illiteracy. Having an audio bible available through their smartphone allows the Word of God to reach the people of the Middle East.



Davar first began recording in South America in 2021 for the Quechua people of Peru. They make up 12 million people who speak 46 different languages and live in small villages spread among the mountains of inland Peru. Discussions are underway  to reach other South American countries in need of audio bibles to reach the blind, illiterate and oral preference learners of South America.



People are waiting to hear the

Word of God. Will you invest?


Learn how audio bibles are making an impact for God’s Kingdom by providing oral learners with access to God’s Word so that they may listen, learn, and live. 

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